Who is rob estes dating now

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“I don’t want people thinking my husband’s some swinger,” she pouts. Though Estes confesses, “I used to stay out for two nights straight,” all that I changed when he and Bisset met, in January 1991, at a casting call for a TV movie. Then, last Thanksgiving, while they were staying at Big Bear, a mountain resort north of L.“Neither of us got a part,” says Estes, “but we got each other.” Two months after their first date, Estes moved into Bisset’s tiny West L. A., Estes led Bisset down a candle-lit, rose-strewn pathway he had fashioned in the snow—and proposed.

The series also starred Heather Locklear and Grant Show.

Even after a divorce, Linda Church gave her marriage a second chance, but it did not work out; however, her husband was still living close to her place to stay in touch with his family.

Just like that Melrose Palace star Josie Bissett is still in contact with her former husband although the marriage ended.

Before she gave birth to any of her children, she suffered a miscarriage in 1996.

Caption: Josie Bissett with Rob Estes and two children in 2004.

Following the years, the couple later realized that there was not much love left between them and so they decided to get a divorce.

However, Rob later revealed that it was Josie’s idea to get divorced and even requested Rob to leave their Seattle home for about seven months which he did.

A., the newlyweds see each other only on their days off.

Still, the life they share in their airy two-level Santa Monica condo involves an awful lot of self-examination.

Guest spots on TV shows and leads in made-for-TV movies followed, and both landed their current roles last year.

In their downtime, the two examine not only their inner lives but each other’s wondrous exteriors.

The Melrose Place star said 'I do' at a charming winery in Washington state under a large Redwood tree.

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