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All 12 plead guilty or are convicted of various charges, drawing sentences of up to nine years in prison.The plot participants are all released in subsequent years.

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Along with six other suspects arrested around the same time, Langan is charged in connection with a string of 22 bank robberies in seven Midwestern states between 19.Kayser, convicted of conspiracy, is released in early 2002.July 1, 1996 Twelve members of an Arizona militia group called the Viper Team are arrested on federal conspiracy, weapons and explosive charges after allegedly surveilling and videotaping government buildings as potential targets.Bailie is eventually sentenced to 36 years in federal prison, with a release date of 2027.An accomplice, Ellis Edward Hurst, is released in 2004.Another Militia-at-Large member, Troy Allen Kayser (alias Troy Spain), is arrested two weeks later and accused of training a team to assassinate politicians.

Starr is released from prison in 2003, while Mc Cranie gets out in 2001.Several antigovernment messages, signed by the "Sons of Gestapo," are left behind. November 9, 1995 Oklahoma Constitutional Militia leader Willie Ray Lampley, his wife Cecilia and another man, John Dare Baird, are arrested as they prepare explosives to bomb numerous targets, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, gay bars and abortion clinics.The three, along with another suspect arrested later, are sentenced to terms of up to 11 years in 1996.Eventually, Mark Thomas, a leading neo-Nazi in Pennsylvania, pleads guilty for his role in helping organize the robberies and agrees to testify against Langan and other gang members.Shawn Kenny, another suspect, becomes a federal informant. on April 19, 1995, a 7,000-pound truck bomb, constructed of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and nitromethane racing fuel and packed into 13 plastic barrels, ripped through the heart of the Alfred P. The explosion wrecked much of downtown Oklahoma City and killed 168 people, including 19 children in a day-care center. Although many Americans initially suspected an attack by Middle Eastern radicals, it quickly became clear that the mass murder had actually been carried out by domestic, right-wing terrorists.

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