Updating website using joomla for e-commerce

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Updating website using joomla for e-commerce

Hello & Good Day, We are a small business dedicated to transforming the human relationship to water. We are upgrading our current website and we need your help.

I want to change the current site to an on-line member based association, featuring an on-line member directory, automated member registration & payment, provide advertising space, publications, news links and have a training library consisting of webinars, videos, articles etc. Below is some information about the project – we hope we have been thorough in the description.We want the following attributes: • fast loading; • visually engaging; • dynamic and fun; • easy to navigate; We want the following functionality: • newsfeeds • ecommerce – with special, featured and latest products all over website • blog • photo gallery • scrolling links • water factoid box – to be updated with interchanging factoids • clickable water sounds – ocean, river, rain, waterfall, etc • refer a friend • subscribe to newsletter • poll • product search The project will also include: Some of these functions already exist with Joomla and need to be configured. Simply enter the website address, and if you did everything right (I’m sure you did), you’ll see this: Those are the fields where you enter your site information. Categories have their own sidebar with basic settings and additional tabs (similar to those you saw while creating articles a few minutes ago). Carefully type in your domain name inside the URL bar. After you do, the next window will suggest removing the installation folder that you’ve unzipped in Step 2. Basically you can create different categories and assign articles to them to keep everything organized by topic or theme. also have their own settings, hierarchy, and even subcategories.• developing a custom or modifying an existing template – must be appealing, engaging and easy to navigate.

• configuring full virtuemart shopping cart functionality – with all proper modules – including payment & shipping and products – and final testing; • setting up newsfeeds; • setting up scrolling news headlines; • setting up scrolling links; • setting up a ‘refer a friend’; • setting up a add your email request – for newsletters emails; • performing seo and other internet marketing; • creating search engine friendly urls; • loading finished product to our host.

content management system site - see [url removed, login to view] with an integrated virtuemart shopping cart see [url removed, login to view] capabilities (formerly [url removed, login to view]).

The site will be e-commerce driven with a solid emphasis on great and important water related content.

If your blog was a work of art, categories would be its location in the Louvre.

So let’s take a look at how to create and use these categories.

Whether you start a Word Press, Drupal or Joomla website – domain name will be the key element of your website. In plain English, a database is like a collection (technically called ‘tables’) of all your website’s information – stored altogether, ready at a moment’s notice. Many times they’ll also put out high quality, albeit basic, free options to test drive. Just go to and choose the desired theme from the list to make it your default option. For example, check out my personal top three:and upload this package to your admin panel. I was even scared initially when staring at my localhost.