Updating php centos

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Updating php centos

The Installer is a Windows application that can deploy a Loader automatically to any supported operating system over FTP or SFTP.

IC24: New ic24initial_notify ini option to flag whether a notification should be generated when execution is attempted of a new or modified file. Fix for issue where, with the PHP 7.0 and 7.1 Loaders, reading unencoded files on Windows could crash.The Windows non-TS Loaders are for use on a Windows system where a phpinfo page shows that PHP is built with thread safety disabled. are all covered by the 32 and 64 bit Linux Loaders.If you need Loaders for platforms not mentioned please contact us. It is recommended to install a Loader using the Loader Installer.The new Encoder and Loader provide a fix for PHP 5.6 encoding where instances of __DIR__ and __FILE__ were not converted properly to the location of the encoded file at runtime.Fix for potential issue with obfuscation of unqualified function names used within a namespace. ion Cube24 Fix for issue with symlinks used within a trusted include path. ion Cube24 option to block or allow scripts via stdin.numeric indexes of the array that do not have values.

Fix for issue in PHP 7.1 where a call to a stored procedure can lead to an incorrect "unbuffered queries are active" error.ion Cube24 Ability to protect only the domains configured within the ion Cube24 interface rather than all domains.Sometimes we may need to send emails in our local PHP projects.Linux Loaders also include support for vulnerability protection and PHP error reporting via the ion Cube24 platform. Support for bundled encodings, a feature that will be included in a minor update of the version 10 Encoder.Are you a hoster or package maintainer and would like API access to historical releases? Improvements to error messages produced when a 7.1-encoded file is read by a Loader for an earlier version of PHP.Improvement to the error message produced by the PHP 7.1 Loader when encountering a file not produced by the PHP 7.1 Encoder.

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