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Might have had a few glasses of wine and I can only recall a few images.This is a murder mystery involving a young blonde woman.

Then she wants to give it up for the simple life on a farm, so they move to a farm, and we see the guy in overalls, soing some farmwork, until he too dies accidentally due to comedic circumstances.

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Some other things I remember from the movie:- It was in colour- One of the earlier on guys works nonstop and fast paced in order to achieve his goal, then just as he achieves it, he dies from overworking.

I need help identifying an Anime movie I watched maybe 4-5 years ago.

It starts off with a Husband and Wife they were living on Earth or Mars and the man shows the wife a new invention a virtual reality visor.

The husband convinces the wife to try it on, and afterward he ends up heading off planet Earth or Mars on business...

In the meantime the organ stealer is targeting people who would not normally be missed. His older brother has told him that when other kids teases him he should concentrate on creating a bubble around him and that way no one can hurt him.

As the wife is getting closer to the truth of what happened she begins to have feelings towards the cyborg... When his older brother gets badly beaten he tries to create a bubble around the brother to help him but of course that doesn't work.

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There was also something about clones but it's very fuzzy.