Telephone dating services in toronto

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Telephone dating services in toronto

A promotional website for 3-1-1 in Akron described the distinction as follows: "Burning building? This system is intended to extend the system such that true emergency callers are answered quickly with highest priority.The largest 3-1-1 operation in North America operates in Toronto, which was implemented in 2009. The first Canadian 3-1-1 service opened in Calgary, Alberta on .

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Try to get him/her to have lunch with you to discuss your offer.(6a) You are a web-designer. Marciano’s, an Italian restaurant, has a horrible website.

Examples of calls intended for 3-1-1: is legally responsible for the centralized reception of citizen complaints, requests, suggestions and consultations to government agencies or municipalities.

Its hours of operations are 24 hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year receiving over a million citizen contacts on an all annual basis through its toll free line, self-service portal, mobile application and social media accounts.

311-555-2368 was also used in numerous episodes of The Bionic Woman as the private phone number of Jaime Sommers in her coach house.

At the end of a 1963 episode of Route 66, titled "Kiss the Monster, Make Him Sleep", Linc calls his estranged father at a number having area code 311. This area code is also used as the area code for Sunnyvale, California (which is actually 408) in the 1983 movie War Games during the "war dialing" sequence where the main character is searching for a video game company's modem pool.

Call the restaurant, ask for the manager/owner, and introduce yourself. Set-up a meeting where you can present a sample of a new design. You would like to have Internet access in your home, so you need to call an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Prepare a list of questions to ask the salesperson of an ISP. If you feel that their offer is suitable, sign up for the service. Use at least one telephone strategy to clarify information. Next, take some time to prepare information for your role-play.The number provides access to non-emergency municipal services.The number format follows the N11 code for a group of short, special-purpose local numbers as designated in the North American Numbering Plan.Then, when ready, call the college to get information. You have found the name of a dental clinic called York Dental on the Internet. Prepare a list of 5-8 points about your clinic (location, cost, hours, dentist’s names.). Before doing these role-plays, you should teach your students some expressions for taking messages on the telephone.#1 – Student A: Caller You are Elizabeth Walker from the Art Gallery of Ontario. You’d like to know if the students at Evergreen College would be interested in a free visit on May 29th. You would like to redesign ABC Pet Shop’s website in order to increase its traffic and online sales.Your name is Rudolph Mc Dougall, and you live at 85 Mc Clearly Lane, North York, M4N 3G7. Use at least one telephone strategy to clarify information. It has good reviews, so you would like to call there to make a reservation. Tell him that he can find information about registering at #2 – Student A: Caller You are Simon Vuong. Tell her that you bought an antique dresser at her store last weekend and it has just been delivered. Your phone number is 555-784-3099.#4 – Student A: Caller You are Clyde Baker. Ask the owner to take a look at your portfolio online at and then call you back at 204-592-9320#1 – Student A: Caller You are Madeleine Wainright from University of Toronto. Tell her that her application has been received; however, you have still not received a copy of her academic transcript. Ask her to e-mail you a scanned copy at [email protected] fax it to 416-303-9329.#2 – Student B: Caller You are Bolah Ngaw from XYZ Pet Shop. Elliot has recently designed your petshop’s webpage; however, there are two problems:1) the page has the wrong address.Historically, the 311 code was used by some telephone companies for testing purposes.

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