Swingersdatingwithswingbook info frontpage

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Swingersdatingwithswingbook info frontpage

First the Server Extensions are copied to the host computer's hard drive by the installer program into a single Front Page directory.Next, the Server Extensions stub DLLs or stub CGI executables are installed on the root web of each virtual server on the host computer and, if sub-webs exist on the server, on each sub-web.

The ACLs of the web content can be upgraded to the level of Front Page 98 by using the Check and Fix option of the Front Page Server Administrator utility.

On some platforms this is initiated automatically by the Front Page client setup program.

On other platforms, it must be done as a separate administrative task.

To install from the CD-ROM simply insert the disk into your CD-ROM drive and click on the Front Page 98 option.

Note You must be an NT system administrator to install the Front Page Server Extensions.

The installation package for a UNIX platform consists of three files: the installation script fp_install.sh, the Apache server upgrade script change_server.sh, and the Server Extensions in a tar file.

The tar file is named fp30gz), fp_install.sh, and change_are the complete Server Extensions package.For a discussion of security considerations when installing the Server Extensions and the reasons why the ACLs of the system DLLs must be modified, see Front Page Server Extensions: Security Considerations.If you are using IIS 4.0, you must use the Front Page 98 Server Extensions.Previous versions of the Front Page Server Extensions are not compatible with IIS 4.0.The IIS 4.0 installer program will ensure that any previous versions of the Front Page Server Extensions are upgraded to the Front Page 98 Server Extensions when IIS 4.0 is installed.Upgrading the Server Extensions Installing the Front Page Server Extensions on Windows Installing the Front Page Server Extensions on UNIX Installing the HTML Administration Forms This topic describes installing the Front Page Server Extensions on a Web server machine.