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I usually apply this moisturizer after my Ahava Clear face wash every morning and once after my lunch break. I also see that it contains mineral oil, which is supposed to be bad for your skin as it causes breakouts and pimples. I think this lotion is good for oily skin caused by over drying of skin.

It comes in a standard Clinique packaging with a pump dispenser, which keeps the product secured and helps avoid spillage.

The customer executive manager is too busy to address the concern of customers. Good but not best as it is not at all long lasting..

overall it is worth the money so no need to think twice while buying it.

Would I Repurchase Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion ?

I am definitely not going to be repurchasing this because it’s too expensive for the quality of what I’m receiving.

After a week’s usage, she eventually discontinued because it caused her to break out, she has relatively oily skin. • The product can cause break oily skin out IMBB Rating: 2/5 Would I Recommend Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion ?

After discontinuing, she noticed her pimples going away and concluded that this lotion was the official cause of her breakouts. But I don’t feel that it is benefitting my skin in any way. • It contains mineral oil, which is bad for your skin. No, I think I’m better off using a drugstore lotion than this."I don't think India is ready for such a bold and dirty film.Also, I respect Indian censors and I don't think I can go against them and make this film.I had heard a lot of great reviews along with its fair share of negatives, but I decided to try it out in the hopes of controlling my oily t-zone area. Claims: Skin Types: 1, 2 Dermatologist-developed formula combines all-day hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients to help skin look younger, longer.Helps strengthen skin’s own moisture barrier by 54%, so more moisture stays in.Never able to deliver products of the sale and always came up with lame exuses.