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Because I’m doing a double thing, I’m doing a thing for men and I’m doing a thing for women.Grab a bowl of popcorn and be spooked by these satanic and spellbinding thrillers!

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“And this is what’s different than the films people compare my films to.It’s hers,” added Jared Sanford, executive producer and an actor in the film.Sanford is a longtime collaborator of Biller’s, and it is his Los Feliz home that provided the location for the photo shoot and also where Biller stores racks of costumes and many props.“And cinema is already a magical spell, it’s already about voyeurism.So the men are being mesmerized by Elaine in the movie and I want the audience to be mesmerized by the film.”For the Los Angeles-based Biller, the all-inclusive aspect of her work is an important element for the craft of the movies but also conjuring the specific mindset and worldview she is trying to create for an audience.This list contains horror movies that are perfect for planning a creepy night of demons, witches and exorcisms.

Witch and demonic themed horror movies are my favorite by far.

For straight men in particular, the idea that a movie can be sexy and playful on the surface and also contain something deeper underneath can cause scrambled circuits and feelings of internal confusion.

And that’s OK too.“On some level I was doing that on purpose to men.

Robinson noted how in preparation she and Biller watched a number of films together including “Leave Her to Heaven” starring Gene Tierney and “Secret Ceremony” starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mia Farrow.

But for Robinson it was Biller and the world she created that provided the greatest inspiration.“I was so in awe of her attention to detail and it was inspiring to me as an actress,” Robinson said of Biller.

And she just came in and was like, whatever.”Waiting for the photo shoot, Robinson, who has her first lead role in the film, was checking her cellphone while dressed in a sheer black dressing gown, vintage-style bullet bra, garter belt, briefs, stockings and heels.