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Max Baer: The American actor, screen writer, producer, and director has a huge cock and is best known for playing Jethro Bodine in the TV comedy "The Beverly Hillbillies".You've probably noticed Jethro's huge bulge in blue jeans.

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He also made "Ode to Billy Joe" and "Hometown USA".

Sometimes he appears on TV and his Beverly Hillbillies theme casino and hotel will soon open in Nevada.

A nurse at Cedar-Sinai hospital in LA saw Baer's cock several times and reports that he is impressively "huge".

She said, "It's all I could talk about when I got home." Baer had a problem with typecasting when "The Beverly Hillbillies" ended.

Later Baer was a referee and occasionally worked in films and TV.

John Barrowman: The Scottish American actor, dancer and singer is very well endowed and uncut.

He was naked most of the time and was an exhibitionist. Andy Warhol said his cock looked like "a baseball bat in his pants".

He was a close friend of politician Damian Hockney in the 80's.

It's common knowledge because he talks about it on TV and there are photos on the internet.

He is an openly gay "powerbottom" married to Scott Gil. He is best known for his appearances in the "Doctor Who" series and hosting/presenting TV shows.

But he wrote and produced "Macon County Line", which was so successful he became as rich as Jed Clampett.