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Meanwhile, Henry, Roni, and Rogers find their first lead against Victoria.

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They build a home there as they wait for the event to occur.A short while later, Henry, Regina, and Hook arrive at their campsite and join the efforts.Later, Cinderella sneaks into Tremaine's castle alone, where Tremaine reveals that she has kept her almost-deceased daughter Anastasia preserved since her "death" at age 14 and needs a pure heart to revive her.In the present day, Tilly, who is actually Alice, begins to wake up from the curse after she stops taking pills given to her by Victoria.In her new state of clarity, she tries to get Weaver to remember his true identity.She confesses to Hook that she worries Henry is about to leave on his own.

In order to comfort her, Hook shows her a bottle Henry can use to call on them if he gets into trouble.She then meets Princess Tiana, who recruits her to be part of the resistance against Lady Tremaine.She leaves one of her glass slippers behind for Henry to find.Meanwhile, Ivy is tasked with taking Lucy trick-or-treating and loses her in the streets.She ends up bonding with Henry and defies her mother to give Jacinda and Lucy time together.In the flashbacks, Tiana seeks a prince to help save her kingdom and is guided by Dr. She soon realizes that Facilier had enlisted Robert to steal a magical ruby from her in exchange for reuniting him with his lover who had been turned into a frog.