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To the northwest of Modena, past Reggio nell'Emilia, Parma is known for its Prosciutto di Parma, made from pigs fed on the equally famous cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano.(Note that while Parmigiano-Reggiano can be made in several provinces, to be called Prosciutto di Parma the production must be in the Parma province.) Check out the Duomo in the historic center, built in the early middle ages with Coreggio's Assumption on the ceiling (more at the Sacred Destinations page for the Parma Cathedral).

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Jo Jo Maman Bébé: Under Eberjey Mini & More Under : For Girls Corolle Dolls & More Cozy Rompers & Footies for Baby Loyal Hana Maternity & More: From For the Tiny Valentine Back on Gilt: Urban Smalls Graphic Tees Under Cutest Baby Clothes Feat. I valori in cui crediamo sono: la responsabilità, il rischio, il merito, l'etica.Essi rappresentano i pilastri del modello di società in cui crediamo, creatrice di opportunità e lavoro per tutti.Unlike all the other city states, they kept their independence largely because they sheltered Garibaldi before he became a big shot, and he repaid the favor.While touristy, it is very scenic, especially if you duck off the most touristy lanes to explore the various castles and ramparts.The Parmigiano-Reggiano museum is in Soragna (~30 min W of Parma, just of A1, see above for more info).

Typographic nerds should reserve ahead to visit the Museo Bodoniano (2nd website), which is devoted to typeface designer Giambattista Bodoni (open only by reservation between 9 and 1 M-Sat at 052-122-0449/052-122-0411 or [email protected]/ [email protected]).

Ook is het eenvoudig om met het lettermenu hierboven direct naar een bepaald letter te navigeren.

Wil jij er goed uitzien, maar heb je geen zin om urenlang te hoeven shoppen?

There's a saying that "the best Bolognese food is found outside of Bologna"..may not be actually true, but the last time I visited (October 2013), it seemed like the best food was indeed outside of the city, or was home-cooked.

Also keep in mind that American-style "bologna" and "spaghetti bolognese" don't exist here (they're Italian-American inventions)..closest you get to the former is mortadella, and the latter is usually tagliatelle al ragù (bolognese).

Its main road (A1/A14) parallels the ancient Roman Via Aemilia through the Po Valley, with hillier country to the south (extending into the Apennines).

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