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  Luke Greenfield - Director Barry Bernardi - Producer Carr D'Angelo - Producer Todd Garner - Producer Tom Brady - Screen Story / Screenwriter / Co-producer Rob Schneider - Screenwriter Peter Lyons Collister - Cinematographer Teddy Castellucci - Composer (Music Score) Michael Dilbeck - Musical Direction/Supervision Jeff Gourson - Editor / Second Unit Camera / Additional Photography Peck Prior - Editor Alan Au - Production Designer Domenic Silvestri - Art Director Derek Dauchy - Co-producer Nathan T. Moments later, there's a power outage, and Matthew and his fellow passenger are stuck.Reimann - Associate Producer Jack Giarraputo - Executive Producer Adam Sandler - Executive Producer Erwin M. He soon discovers that he's stranded on the elevator with a woman, and they strike up a conversation; one thing leads to another, and they end up making love.

Claire egyedl gyengnek rzi magt, hogy megkzdjn a hadbrsg embertelen mkdsvel: megkeres egy tapasztalt, de rg visszavonult, lecsszott katonai jogszt (Morgan Freeman), hogy segtsen neki. De minl mlyebbre bonyoldnak a nyomozsba, annl ijesztbb s hihetetlenebb felfedezsekre jutnak.

Posing as a maintenance man, Matthew sets out to visit every girl in the dorm, hoping to find the girl who matches up to the lingerie. Minden ron azt a lnyt akarja, mg akkor is, ha nem biztos benne, hogy a lny viszont akarja-e ltni. A young man is looking for the woman he loves, though he wouldn't know her if he saw her in this teen-oriented comedy.

Among the many women Matthew runs across in search of his dream girl in 100 Girls are Larisa Oleynik, Jaime Pressly, Katherine Heigl, Marissa Ribisi, and Emmanuelle Chriqui. Matthew (Jonathan Tucker) is a college freshman who has not been having much luck with the ladies since he started school.

  Michael Davis - Director Kevin Bassinson - Composer (Music Score) Matthew megtallja lmai njt. One night, Matthew is taking an elevator downstairs at his dorm when someone dashes in just as the door is closing.

Moments later, there's a power outage, and Matthew and his fellow passenger are stuck.

But when the police investigate a routine break-in at her home, they uncover the truth about her husband's identity, and her life is thrown into turmoil.

Claire finds out that her husband's name is actually Ron Chapman, and that he's an ex-marine accused of murdering seven innocent civilians in El Salvador during a raid in the late '80s.

Faced with defending her husband in an unfamiliar military courtroom, Claire enlists the aid of Charles Grimes (Morgan Freeman), an ex-Army judge advocate with an axe to grind.

Stonewalled by the military bureaucracy at every turn, they uncover a web of deception and disappearing witnesses, and they soon find their own lives in danger.

Jones - Associate Producer Lisa Henson - Executive Producer Kevin Reidy - Executive Producer Josh Lusby - Set Designer Kathryn Peters - Set Designer Dean Wolcott - Set Designer Sharen Davis - Costume Designer Steve Nelson - Sound/Sound Designer Michele Panelli-Venetis - First Assistant Director Mario Roberts - Stunts Mali Finn - Casting Jerry Ross - Supervising Sound Editor Cast: Ashley Judd - Claire Kubic Morgan Freeman - Charles Grimes James Caviezel - Ron Chapman alias Tom Kubic Amanda Peet - Jackie Heller Tom Bower - Mullins Adam Scott - Embry Bruce Davison - Brig.

General Marks Juan Carlos Hernandez - Major Hernandez Michael Gaston - Major Waldron Jude Ciccolella - Colonel Farrell Emilio Rivera - Salvadoran Man Mike Shannon - Abbott Claire Kubik (Ashley Judd) lete tl szp ahhoz, hogy igaz legyen.

Kelly - Supervising Animator Peter Matheson - Animation Effects Len Simon - Animation Director Matthew Wood - Supervising Sound Editor Marion Levine - Actor Cast: Matt Damon - Cale [Voice] Drew Barrymore - Akima [Voice] Bill Pullman - Korso [Voice] John Leguizamo - Gune [Voice] Nathan Lane - Preed [Voice] Janeane Garofalo - Stith [Voice] Ron Perlman - Prof. Linz - Young Cale [Voice] Tone-Loc - Tek [Voice] Jim Breuer - The Cook [Voice] Former Saturday Night Live cast member Rob Schneider stars in this comedy as Marvin Mage, a wimpy nebbish whose lifelong dreams of becoming a police officer are thwarted by his diminutive stature.

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