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They’ve been asking us for a while now to host a live event where they can put faces to names.Also, there just aren’t many conferences or events out there specifically for single young adults.

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And this year is a milestone for Boundless as they get ready to host their first conference, Pursuit 2014.

What does the title mean, and how do you hope the participants will apply it? The first is a reminder of God’s relentless pursuit of us.

Second, we are to pursue Him wholeheartedly in a culture that is telling us to turn away from Him.

We’ll finish the 5K with food, vendor booths, a book signing by prominent authors at our bookstore, and other activities for the community. It’s , and every registrant gets a race T-shirt.

I saw that you will be doing a live podcast with the Dalys.

I’ll be asking them a ton of questions, primarily about their own dating/marriage story, but we probably won’t have time for audience Q&A with them.

Jim will also do a general greeting to our audience. We want to send our audience away encouraged and fired up to grow in every area of life and determined to reject society’s low expectations of them, and instead, be an example (1 Timothy) to those around us as we pursue faith, life and family with intention.

We’ll do that by challenging them to maximize the season they’re in while preparing for the one to come.

We want our attendees to gain valuable insights into dating, marriage, career, life responsibility and biblical maturity. We feel we’re in a great place of growth at, and our audience continues to diversify.

Are there themes for each talk or a list of sessions and descriptions anywhere? The topics of the conference reflect the core content/mission of Boundless, which are relationships, life and faith.

Here they are: The title, “Pursuit”, could mean several things.

We’re pulling a great number of African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians thus far.

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