Dating services for widows and widowers

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According to the Sunday Mirror, wives of Army sergeants killed in action can expect to see the lump-sum to which they are entitled increase from £38,000 to £76,000 in the review.The paper also suggested that the rule which means widows lose their Mo D pension if they remarry will be scrapped, while all ranks will be able to start claiming pensions after 18 years' service and full pensions after 35.

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As one member said after our AGM in Edinburgh in 2013: “I have never known a group of people to party as hard as the 170 widows and widowers who were in Edinburgh this weekend!

” “When I went to my first AGM seven months after my husband died, I can truly say it was the first time I breathed properly since his death.

Just having a weekend of feeling normal again was a God send.

This is expected to become an entitlement and to be extended to cover troops who die in accidents.

The pensions shake-up is expected to form part of an Armed Services Bill to be announced in the Queen's Speech in November or December.

However, the sad reality is that more than 100,000 men and women in the UK are widowed under the age of 50. And if your partner dies young, the loss can be difficult to cope with in many different ways.

Not only do you have the pain of bereavement to cope with, but also you have been robbed of a future you were planning to share together.

Also expecting more generous treatment are unmarried partners of service personnel, after the furore over the case of Anna Homsi, who was refused a pension after her long-standing boyfriend was killed in Sierra Leone.

As the Iraq war got under way in March, the Mo D announced that unmarried partners of those killed in combat would receive ex-gratia payments equivalent to those a spouse would receive.

Or we can go along to local WAY events to meet up with people who understand exactly what we’re going through.

WAY offers a lifeline for young widows and widowers who often feel isolated and lonely after their partner dies.

And you are most probably facing a huge array of practical challenges too – from raising children alone to simply paying the household bills.