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Toyota Kaikan is the starting point for tours of the Toyota car plant.

Some of the art on display was produced by such names as Francis Bacon, Christo, Salvador Dali, James Ensor, Alberto Giacometti, Ida Shoichi, Kawai Kanjiro, Maeta Kanji, and Takahashi Setsuro.

The free Hands-on Museum (Tel: 0565 37 3007) introduces kids to basic science through play and there is also a planetarium (300 yen).

The Toyota Sangyo Bunka Center (Toyota Industrial Culture Center) is also the venue for a number of community activities and classes including language, dance and yoga.

Sanage Onsen is a local beauty spot a short drive from Toyota city.

The Kinsenkaku Hotel (Tel: 0565 45 6111) is a large onsen resort hotel in the area with a radium bath said to be good for rheumatism.

Visitors can try their hand at producing crafts, and sample traditional macha green tea in a reconstructed tea house.

The park around the Toyota-shi Mingei-kan is popular for its cherry blossom in spring and maple leaves in the fall.

The wider area is also home to a number of Brazilian and other South American nikkei - immigrants of Japanese descent who have come to the area to work in Toyota's car factories and other associated industries.

Toyota is a sister city of Derby in the UK, where Toyota has a factory and of Detroit, the original "Motown" in the USA.

During the Meiji and Taisho periods the area was a major producer of silk until the decline of the industry in the 1930's when the heir to Toyoda Loom Works, Kiichiro Toyoda, set up the Toyota company's automobile manufacturing base here.

Toyota City does not appear in many tourist guides to Japan, but has a large number of foreign workers either working in Toyota's factories or researching at its facilities in the city.

The museum is a 15 minute walk from Hiratobashi Station on the Meitetsu Mikawa Line.

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