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I'll give you that." —Tuco Walt Evil Meter: *Actual Spoiler: The one with the blowing-up of Tuco's office like a boss.

Delcavoli Walt Evil Meter: *Actual Spoiler: The one in the desert forever. It really took me forever to get in touch with her. So I finally left a message, "What exactly is going on between you and my husband? Body Count: 0 Money Quote: "What's more important than money?

Body Count: 1 Money Quote: "What would you do if were me?

Would you divorce me, would you turn me into the police?

Jessie is shorter than Gail so when he shoots Gail in the eye his gun must be angled up.

However in the scene the bullet continues through Gail to hit the kettle, which is about waist height for Gail.

Add time At the end of the episode when Tuco shows up at Walter's house in the backseat of Jesse's car, he tells Walter to get in.

As they drive off, the shot pans out to show the street sign across from Walter's house.

And there's not much we could do about the imagery because, like everything Breaking Bad, it's all or nothing, and everything is everything. Walter White, diagnosed with cancer, stares at the mustard stain on his doctor's lab coat, then proceeds to trade his night job washing cars for cooking meth in a trailer in the desert in his underwear, but only after he accidentally does not shoot himself and before he fucks his wife very much on purpose.

Body Count: 2 (possibly undead) Money Quote: "I am awake." —Walt Walt Evil Meter: Jesse Pinkman's old partner, Emilio, wakes up, runs into a tree, and takes a bath; Emilio's cousin, Krazy 8, wakes up, Walt makes him a sandwich, and Walt smokes a joint.

Body Count: 0 Money Quote: "I really need to understand your thought process because clearly I don't." —Walt Walt Evil Meter: The cook-and-sell is settled, the seller understands the cook's methods, the cook loses his hair, and Tuco — well, Tuco just got a big dose of fking fulminate.

Body Count: Unclear (possibly a lot) Money Quote: "You got balls.

Catch up on television's most heart-stopping show — and the evolution of its most demented character — with synopses just vague enough to be considered spoiler-free. By Matt Sullivan AND COMING EVERY SUNDAY: The If you haven't yet done the Breaking Bad binge — and it is the couch binge of our time, like Lost without the histrionics and Twin Peaks without the schlock and coke without the regrets, with all the arc of The Wire and most of the panic of Hitchock — you should right now.