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He was then sent out to Egypt in April 1948 and was sent back in November 1949. I hope the small amount of information I have been able to provide may enable dad to make contact with National Service colleagues that he has lost touch with. Eventually I was joined by others and we provided a complete concert party which led to invites to other units in the Brigade inc. He was a driver at RAF Fayid and drove a fire tender, bus, and chauffered a dentist and a doctor to and from Ismailia. (Daughter.) Safety Equipment Section, RAF Deversoir. Sharett after mid-air collision near Deversoir in January 1951 (the first or second 'chute I packed after 8 weeks on-the-job training). It is his 80th birthday in November and I thought it would be nice if I could find anyone who knew him. I was born in Sheffield, Yorks and now reside in Canada. I still see Eric Evans as we have been friends for over 55 years, we met at RAF West Kirby when doing our Basic Training. After time in the Zone I went to Eastleigh (Nairobi ) and Episcopi (Cyprus. If you were at any of these places, please get in touch with me.23 September 2009 Dear Charlie. I shall shortly have some interesting photographs on the photo section of this website which I hope will get me some contact. I have now managed to come into contact with Alan Russell due to your help with the e mail address that you sent me, so thank you very much.He once went on a rescue mission to a crashed airplane. I would be very pleased to hear any news about his pals, I love listening to his stories and want to create a scrapbook for him. I know this isn't much to go on, but I dont want him to know what I am up to. We had a death on the camp, I didn't know the chaps name (or what, if anything, might have caused it. We have been in contact with Jack Isles and Keith Scattergood and would like to contact others. I am contacting you on behalf of my father Barry Williams and his friend Lowrie.served at RAF Kasafareet in 1953 to 1956. Still in contact with two others by snail mail and telephone. It does appear that he was in the Ordnance Directorate at GHQ MELF 17, but was in a different department at the same time, although we never met we both knew several of the same people and I am looking forward to exchanging a few memories of our time there.

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I have emailed another ex serviceman who has supplied photos for you, his name is John Rumble! Unfortunately my father past away in June 1992, having never spoken much about his service. , - Exercise "Atomic Warfare" and operation "Standfast", - a dog called "Scruffy", - a pal called "Geordie" and The Hippodrome. I was born in the Canal Zone and unfortunately Dad (Dixie) passed away some years ago.After documentation they would be posted to their coy's and then report to the QM Stores for their tropical kit where they would have met Norman Brody a fellow member of this website.I carried out duties as Parts I & II Orders clerk for all ranks including officers and I have a great memory for names and a few faces.Please tell him I look forward to hearing from him soon. 15 November 2009 I have been told that Tony has now been contacted with another four of his old pals through this entry. Would like to get into contact with anybody who can remember me, I am in touch with Danny Brown, also a RASC driver during the same period. With my contacts I would be prepared to help to organise some part of it and return north for the event or weekend itself. – I have a couple of colour photos of his beautifully flowered, final resting place in the tranquillity of the Fayid Military Cemetery that I could email if they would like. You are on the photo " Oops " with the QL lying on its side. We were also towing vehicles from Tel el Kebir to Port Said for dumping in the Mediterranean.Johnnie who served as an electrician at RAF Deversoir 1952 - 1953, then got posted to RAF Amman. Also my brother Herbert (Bert) King of 58 Car Coy based at Fayid. I believe he came from somewhere in the Nottingham area. We pulled it up with our Scammel, ( 2nd Photo ) back on its wheels. 03 October 06 Thank you for all the work you have done on this. Another useful website for finding people is: Telephone, Fax, Email and Address Resources at the following website which you could copy and paste into your browser.I seem to recall the Squadron to have been something like 205 or 206 but am not sure. Everyone had to draw their weapons for cleaning, these would be randomly inspected the next day by the Orderly Officer or R. I came home on the Empire Fowey and left Port Said 29th April 1956. Also, any 84 Sqn members from the Valetta era can contact Andy at Following the discovery of his briefcase containing nearly sixty years of personal belongings, I am researching the history of Captain Crisswell who served in the R. Anyone from those happy days still on this mortal coil. Together with Adrian (Harry) Wansborough we have been trying to find members of this band. He lives about a mile from me and was a storeman at RAF Fayid. Bye for now from Chris the Yorkshireman now living in Hampshire. I have noticed a couple of pictures that appear on this website's 'Photo Album' with my father featured in them and I am keen to fine out more information.

We know that five have passed away, six are in contact, the other fourteen are 'who knows? As I'm quite busy at the moment it will a few days before we can get together. Just found this site and wondered if anyone remembers my father, Dennis Brewster. Sadly he died last year and I cannot show him this website. I know they may not have a computer and therefore be unable to see this website page, but I feel they have to be somewhere and it would be lovely to have contact with them again. - as he says in his email he cannot believe, like me, that all the others have passed away. Page three 205 Group Communications Flight Ground Crew, August 1955, my father is forth in from the left back row, and on page thirteen two chaps pictured on the old Canal Road, my father is the one on the right. I was once late picking up CSM Jeffries and caused him to be late on parade for one of those monthly full turn-outs, in front of the whole camp.

Just think without the internet I don 't think any of us would have connected. Fayid that I was in, sleeping about three beds away from me. We lost touch long ago, because at that time very few people had phones in their houses, and from memory none of the three of us were very good letter writers. The only information I can fathom is from my father's service book and scribblings on the back of old photographs, such as, - one taken by "that tree", - MELF 27, 1 Div. As far as I can work out, he had made it to Lance Corporal by, or during, that period, eventually to Sergeant some time later. I am now trying to research his service in the Zone.

So once again thanks and I check the web site frequently. Peter Brown.--------------------------------- 20 April '08 Hi Charlie, Once again I must praise your column because I have heard from Peter Uterhark, who was in the same billet at R. I often wonder what they are up to, and if they remember the scrapes we used to get up to.................where are they now? In 1949 we lived in the Married Quarters at Ismailia.

E-mail addresses entered on this page do not show the @ sign, they are replaced with brackets [ ]. Have attempted over many years and through many websites to find anyone who either served with, or knew my late father, or families of those comrades who knew my father, who may have memories, photos etc to share, even though many of his comrades have probably past on through the passage of time. He then transferred to the RAOC and was posted 5 BOD from 1951 -1952. Des Davies from Sheffield and Dan Archer from York.

This should help to prevent your address being picked up by those programs which search the Internet for addresses to send spam to. On his return to the UK on November 20th of 1946, his aircraft went down near Suez soon after take-off and all 6 x crewmen were killed in the accident and laid to rest in Armed Forces Cemetery in Cairo . Following this he transferred to 10 BOD at Geneifa. His family were also out there; my father Kenneth, aunt Marjorie and Grandmother Phoebe. A few other names from the section are George Chalmers from North East, Eric Clothier, ? Some Corporals names, Clinton, Coulthard and Wiggins. I am contacting you on behalf of my father Barry Williams and his friend Lowrie.served at RAF Kasafareet in 1953 to 1956. I have the contact names, addresses and telephone numbers of people who served at the BMH Fayid 1950 -1956.

These days I try to find old pals (young at the time in Egypt) of both RAOC and REME who were attached to us and I am grateful for the REME databases and assistance given by my REME friend Jim Wilberforce who is also a member of this website. I am a currently serving member of the Royal Air Force and am seeking ex RAF personnel who served at El Firdan in 1953 for a special 'RAF History, Knowledge and Information' event which will be held in October at RAF Cosford, near Wolverhampton.

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