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Approval to conduct the study was received from Human Research Ethics Committees of St. Written informed consent was obtained from all participants after they had received a complete description of the study.

Whilst not statistically powered to assess the effectiveness of the intervention for preventing depression, there was evidence (albeit non-significant) of a reduced risk for incident depression for those randomised to a Mediterranean diet with nuts.The DST was completed to confirm ‘poor’ dietary quality, before enrolment.This screening tool was used to reflect usual daily or weekly intake of specified foods.In this trial, Supporting the Modification of lifestyle In Lowered Emotional States (SMILES), we hypothesised that structured dietary support, focusing on improving diet quality using a modified Mediterranean diet model, would be superior to a social support control condition (befriending) in reducing the severity of depressive symptomatology.]).This trial was registered in the Australia and New Zealand Clinical Trials Register (ANZCTR): (ACTRN12612000251820) prior to commencing recruitment.The robustness of estimates was investigated through sensitivity analyses. Of these, 55 were utilising some form of therapy: 21 were using psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy combined; 9 were using exclusively psychotherapy; and 25 were using only pharmacotherapy.

There were 31 in the diet support group and 25 in the social support control group who had complete data at 12 weeks.

These results indicate that dietary improvement may provide an efficacious and accessible treatment strategy for the management of this highly prevalent mental disorder, the benefits of which could extend to the management of common co-morbidities. Although there are many versions of a ‘healthful diet’ in different countries and cultures, the available evidence from observational studies suggests that diets higher in plant foods, such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains, and lean proteins, including fish, are associated with a reduced risk for depression, whilst dietary patterns that include more processed food and sugary products are associated with an increased risk of depression [].

Whilst cognisant of the limitations of observational data, these associations are usually observed to be independent of socioeconomic status, education and other potentially confounding variables and not necessarily explained by reverse causality (see, e.g. Recently, a meta-analysis confirmed that adherence to a ‘healthful’ dietary pattern, comprising higher intakes of fruit and vegetables, fish and whole grains, was associated with a reduced likelihood of depression in adults [].

This protective effect was statistically significant in those with type 2 diabetes, who comprised approximately half the sample [].

Using a randomised controlled trial (RCT) design, we thus aimed to investigate the efficacy of a dietary program for the treatment of major depressive episodes.

Participants were recruited from two sites: Barwon Health in Geelong and St.

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